Glass City Pilates

PILATES was developed by its founder Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20th century. Joseph Pilates was born in Dusseldorf, Germany November 30th, 1880. Joe moved to England in 1912 trained detectives and military police and instruction in Self-defense. During WWI Mr. Pilates was interned as an ‘enemy alien’ with other German’s in Lancaster then the Isle of Man. Joe was recognized when none of the individuals he trained succumbed to an epidemic of influenza, which killed thousands in England during 1918. In 1925 he was invited to train the New German Army; not pleased with the Political direction of Germany he left. On the push of boxing experts Nat Fleischer and Max Schmelling-Joseph came to the US and opened a gym in 1926 (57th St. NY,NY).

PILATES is gentle exercise-that is effective and accessible to all fitness levels and all ages–those who choose a Pilates program do so to increase overall Health and quality of life. This exercise method is an excellent start for young, middle aged and elderly. Pilates will strengthen and build secondary muscles the stabilizer muscles-located just below the navel and all around the mid-section. This abdominal wrap builds slowly with practice and patience. Pilates will improve balance, coordination and enhance the immune system.

Pilates excels in Postural re-education and muscle-balancing necessary to recover from side effects of Breast Cancer treatment. Pilates alleviates pain from operative procedures, restores joint mobility, tissues and regain lost strength–Pilates goal is to return client to daily living and activities. Christina Short, Owner/Instructor at Glass City Pilates, has had her business for 5 years but has 12 years experience in the industry. She loves the Toledo area hence the name of her business! For more information or to register for group or private Instruction, call Christina @ 419.861.3523

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